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The WEC tradition dates back to the 1970's when Adam Wec began his love affair with jewellery! In Poland the 1970's was interesting, challenging and a historic time. WEC - Your Jeweller is a very proud family business that still operates according to the vision that Adam Wec had when he started the business. Today his sons Grzegorz and Artur WEC carry on his passion and love for the family jewellery business.    




One could say Artur was at the right place at the right time. He has a very scientific mind and is responsible for expanding the business through the Internet. His primary focus is to provide quality products at affordable prices. He is always looking for ways to create new ideas for the benefit of our customers and to shorten the time between order placement and order delivery. Artur maintains high standards for himself and the business, and satisfying the customer is always his top priority.  



Grzegorz's role as a partner in the family business lies in the area of technology, that is the actual design and production of most of the jewellery items.  He considers his work basically making dreams a reality for our customers. He manages the production area of the business. He makes sure that our colleagues in the workshop stay busy and deliver the quality that you as customers expect. Another important responsibility of Grzegorz is examining and testing each gemstone we receive from our suppliers, in order to ensure the highest quality. Our standards are very high and he feels that if it passes his quality tests it is sure to please our customer. Grzegorz says that "every gemstone is unique and has its own soul... so we should free it and let it sparkle on someone's finger."  



Maria, the wife of Adam and the mother of Artur and Grzegorz is the cornerstone of the family business. She is dedicated to the business and you can find her in the retail store everyday. She has always supported Artur and Grzegorz in a positive way and brings energy and enthusiasm to the business environment. Although Maria knows the ins and outs of the jewellery business, her most significant value is her youthful spirit and positive attitude. 


The WEC team:

 Zdjęcie firmowe



Bartosz, Lukasz, Grzegorz, Tomek, Marek i Karolina This is where your dreams become reality. Gemstones are our passion and our goal is to make you happy.



Anna, Renata, Edyta, Magda, Anna and Andzelika Our team of sales experts is growing to meet the demands of our business. In addition to their sales responsibility, they are involved in the selection of new products and establishing the quality standards of our products. Since they are in daily contact with many customers, their input is invaluable. They have the patience of a saint and they really enjoy working with our customers. They are happy when the customers are happy. An important event in our company's history occurred in the year 2002 with the creation of our internet store. This enabled us to expand our business and offer quality products at affordable prices to many more customers.   



Jadwiga, Grzegorz, Sebastian These are your online customer service representatives and they make sure you get the same quality and service as our customers of our retail store. Your business is just as important to them even though they cannot see you. They are continually assessing our online operation in an effort to make your e-shopping experience easier. As in the retail store, their goal is for you to be a happy and satisfied customer.   



Anna, Edyta, Beata They usually work behind the scene but their role is to make sure that the business runs smoothly and efficiently day in and day out.  


Our mission:

PHILOSOPHY    We believe that if a person is doing what they really enjoy, they will be happy and will do a very good job. So we do our best to create a workplace environment that is both professional and pleasant.  We work on our brand image every day. It is important for us to have repeat business from our customers. This tells us that we have done our job well and earned a good reputation. We strive to be flexible and adapt to our customers needs and desires. Although those needs and desires can vary from customer to customer, our approach is always to serve each customer equally and in a professional way.      


We adhere to the 3-C's rule: We always give our Customer pertinent information in an honest and professional way.  We work with our Customers no matter what the challenge. We go out of our way to help them with their purchase decision. Simply put, we want each Customer to have a good experience, and shop with us again in the future.


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