Diamonds 14ct white gold ring LP-49B

model LP-49B
Material: Gold 585/1000
Name of stone: Diamond
Region of origin: EU / Poland
Project:: Maria Adamowicz
  • G3-Times New Roman
  • G5-English 157 BT lack of character Roman
  • G6-Monotype Corsiva
  • G1-Arial Only capital letters
  • G4-Cataneo BT Only capital letters
  • G2-Arial
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Diamonds 14ct white gold ring LP-49B
colour of gold and stones in photos may not reflect the real colour
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Jewellery protection

Although gold is an expensive metal, it is still the most popular material used to produce jewellery. In order to maintain the beauty and shine of your gold jewellery for as long as it is possible, observe these rules:


  1. Remember to take your hand jewellery off while doing housework. This will prevent scratches or exposure to chemicals contained in household cleaners.
  2. Try to clean your jewellery regularly, once a month. This will remove the dirt, cream and oils that can accumulate over a period of time. The best method is to clean with an old toothbrush and dishwashing liquid. Rinse and dry, then immerse it in a special GOLD SILVER liquid (see below). Brush and rinse carefully. Jewellery treated in this way will require less visits to a jeweller.
  3. However, if you notice that the deposit is so resistant that you cannot remove it, pack the products and take to the jeweller. Only they will be able to clean it professionally without exposing it to damages. 
  4. Jewellery worn occasionally should be kept wrapped in soft material, in tightly closed bags (e.g. zipper bag). It is a good method to limit the access of air and reduce the possibility of it becoming darker.  


GOLD SILVER LIQUID (150 ml) - is an emulsion preparation that cleans and protects your jewellery using gentle degreasing ingredients. Do not immerse jewellery with organic precious stones in it (pearls, turquoises, corals etc.), because they can become dull. In this case, wipe the metal part only with a piece of cloth soaked in GOLD SILVER solution, avoiding contact with the stone. If you are not sure how the stone will react, try it in an invisible place on the stone.


Based on internal materials: WEC - Your Jeweller




Table of sizes

SizeRozmiar UERozmiar UKRozmiar USŚrednica w mm
Size H46H4+14,3
Size H+47H4+14,6
Size I48I515
Size J49J515,3
Size K50K6-15,6
Size L51L616
Size L+52L616,3
Size M53M616,6
Size N54N717
Size O55O717,3
Size O+56O7+17,6
Size P57P818
Size Q58Q818,3
Size R59R918,6
Size S60S919
Size S+61S9+19,3
Size T62T1019,6
Size U63U1020
Size V64V11-20,3
Size V+65V1120,6
Size W66W1121
Size X67X1221,3
Size Y68Y1221,6
Size Z69Z13-22
Size Z270Z1311,3
Technical parameters:
Lowering the costs of the product
Possibility to perform from its gold:
Labor cost:
398 zł
The origin of the product
Region of origin:
EU / Poland
WĘC - Twój Jubiler
Maria Adamowicz
Product parameters
Gold 585/1000
Color of gold:
Product weight:
~ 2.4 g
Surface finish:
Width of chain:
~ 4,2 mm
The width of rail down:
~ 2,1 mm
The width of the side rails:
~ 2,8 mm
Name of stone:
Brilliant round
Number of diamonds:
0.005 ct - 46 pcs.
0.020 ct - 2 pcs.
0.015 ct - 2 pcs.
0.010 ct - 2 pcs.
0.030 ct - 1 pcs.
Liczba diamentów (łącznie):
53 szt.
0.35 ct
Other parameters
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